Lorie’s Values

These are highlights of just some of my core values and objectives:

Servant Leadership.

My first objective is putting the government back into the hands of the people; to engage the community and provide access to their government; to voice their concerns and needs. The more citizens feel empowered, the more we can encourage them to feel that their vote counts and it matters.

That is what a servant leader seeks to create, and that is the kind of representation we are desperately lacking. I'm not seeking to promote some singular agenda, nor do I only want to represent the people who voted for me or with whom I agree ideologically. While I have my beliefs, there are others who have different beliefs and we are all part of the citizenry and are entitled to have our voices heard. Compromise isn't about sacrificing your beliefs; it's about recognizing that there are other points of view and that we will get nowhere if all we do is try to force our own agenda onto everyone.

In my experience in business, in leadership, in teams, and even in the home, not everyone has the same point of view and the most effective and enduring progress comes from allowing everyone a seat at the table. I want to learn more about the nuances of a myriad of issues that confront our country and I want to encourage open dialogue among our citizens to help bridge the divide that keeps us from taking back the power of having our leaders represent We the People.


Education is the great equalizer and the more access children and adults have to a quality education, the more we can eliminate the socioeconomic, racial, and gender inequalities that still plague our country. I support policies that will improve our curriculum, create a safe environment for our children, and provide access to equal educational opportunities. Additionally, for those pursuing higher education, I will look for fiscally responsible ways to reduce crippling student loan debt.

Health Care

Health care is a fundamental right. We cannot live up to the values of our Constitution, “to promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”, if we have a system that keeps those most vulnerable in our society from basic health care needs. I also believe that we have to be good stewards with taxpayer money and be mindful of what government can do well and what government has no business doing at all.    

There are too many segments of our community who are in desperate need of fundamental health care. In my experience as an estate planning attorney, far too often have I seen the elderly, and their caregivers, struggle with being able to provide them with sufficient care. Medical bankruptcies are crippling our fellow citizens and are straining our economy. Our Veterans in particular, these brave men and women who have fought for our rights and liberties, are entitled to receive the quality treatment they need. Women and children are also particularly vulnerable to inadequate health care. Therefore, we must improve upon the laws we have in place rather than stripping away coverage from millions of people.

Advancement of Women

Women must have a strong voice in today’s business and political climate. Whether it’s health care, equal pay, educational opportunities, career advancement, human trafficking, or political representation, we must strive to open more doors to women and young girls to have a seat at the table when addressing their unique needs. 

Family Values

I believe in the dignity of the family unit and I will support initiatives that provide greater safety and financial security for all families to prosper. Love and companionship are essential to the human condition. No family looks the same and it does not matter whether they are made up of a mom and a dad, grandparents, single parents, adopted parents, stepparents, two moms, or two dads, so long as love is what ties them together. It is not the government’s place to dictate how families live or succeed. Loving couples and children deserve and are entitled to the security of their family being respected and valued.

Religious Liberty

Perhaps nothing is more sacred and personal than one’s religious and spiritual beliefs. I support the right of individuals to worship and follow the god they choose…or no god at all. I was brought up in the United Methodist faith and my relationship with God is at the core of all that I am and all that I do. For me, my faith tells me how to believe, not what to believe; how to think, not what to think. I have family and friends who are of different Christian denominations, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, and agnostic. The one characteristic that they all have in common is that they are the most moral and decent people I know. Our Constitution prohibits the government from establishing any religion as well as allowing us the freedom to exercise whatever faith we choose, even if that is no faith at all. Therefore, the government is not to impede our ability to practice our faith nor can the government condone other’s imposing their own beliefs onto others as a pretext for discrimination. For more about my beliefs on religious liberty, see my blog: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lorie-burch/my-fellow-christians-what_b_6443768.html

Tax Reform

I support tax reform that allows middle class workers and small businesses to thrive as well as ends disproportionate tax breaks including for big corporations.

Animal Welfare

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi

I am passionate about policies that seek to protect our pets and wildlife, including enhancing and enforcing animal cruelty laws, eliminating puppy mills, and reducing homeless pets to reduce the approximately two million homeless pets killed annually in shelters.


  1. Civil Rights & Voting Rights
  2. Supporting a Living Wage
  3. Climate Change
  4. Immigration
  5. Infrastructure


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